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As Torque Parts we manufacture and distribute air springs all across the U.S, our headquarters is located conveniently in the suburbs of Chicago IL where we stock over 140 different types and over 20,000pcs of rolling lobe, convoluted, cabin and pick up air springs. As Torque Parts we strive to manufacture and supply products that have the best quality in the market.

In order to manufacture the highest quality air springs in the market;

  •  We use 4.5mm to 5mm thick rubber that exceeds OEM requirements which is 30% to 50% more rubber than most aftermarket air springs even some of the brand names.
  •  Studs on our air springs are made off of 4140 Grade of steel instead of 1040, this makes our studs 25% stronger.
  • Each air spring is thoroughly tested in our manufacturing facility to make sure it meets our customer’s utmost expectations from our products. We have the highest leak test and burst test ratio in the air spring aftermarket.
  •  Our air springs were able to withstand 400psi of air pressure before the rubber burst, when the industry requirement is only a 100psi.
  •  On the cycle test against the markets biggest names air spring our air spring lasted for more than 10 million cycles, where most air springs are tested for one million.
  • Unlike most air spring manufacturers we do not use bases that are made from recycled  plastic, this is why when put to the test our air spring bases were able to take 30 tons of pressure before cracking.

Thanks to our superior quality and customer service we started offering our customers industry’s first 3-year unlimited mile warranty on our rolling lobe / reversible sleeve air springs. To make things even easier for our customers we have a hassle free warranty procedure that in most cases you don’t even need to send the product back in order to get a credit or replacement.

In addition to the quality we also work harder to make our customers lives easier. That is why we have put the number of the air spring on its bellow permanently instead of sticker on the top plate.We realized that bellow number does not help our customers as a lot of air springs can have the same bellow number and stickers become illegible or torn after being installed on the vehicle. By putting the number of the bag on the air springs bellow we are saving the time that would normally be spending on going through catalogs and measuring the air spring to see what air spring may be the one you might need.Air Spring Features

Part's PhotoTorque Part #FirestoneGoodyearContitechPiston Type  and OEM Reference
9 10PS-14.5 P 139 H

Hendrickson S-34733, C-34733
TR8050TR8050W01-358-80501R14-03911 10.5C-16 A 320Steel-  Hendrickson Trailer S4771
TR8091TR8091W01-358-80911R14-17111 10.5A-16 P 523Plastic- Hendrickson 20901 and 21784
Intraax AA250T (reuse metal disk)
Van Traax HKA-250 (reuse metal disk)
TR8203TR8203W01-358-82039 10-12 P 543Plastic – SAF Holland 905-57-210
TR8204TR8204W01-358-82041R12-5089 10-12 P 484Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-173 and 905-57-223
TR8539W01-358-85391R13-188Plastic - Dayna / Spicer SR1VA101, SR1VA105, Hendrickson S-29892
TR8708TR8708W01-358-87081R13-17710 10-16 S 526Plastic- Hendrickson 21966 and 28929
Van Traax HKA-200
TR8709TR8709W01-358-87091R13-15910 10.5-15 P 460Plastic- Hendrickson 21800
Intraax AA230T / Van Traax HKA-180
TR8710TR8710W01-358-87101R13-12410 10-15 S 711Steel -  Hendrickson 22046
TR8713TR8713W01-358-87131R13-17610 10-16 S 533Plastic-  Hendrickson 22948
Van Traax HKA-180
TR8729TR8729W01-358-87291R13-13010 10B-13 S 513Plastic- Meritor 202796
TR8740TR8740W01-358-874010 10-15 S 773Plastic – Reyco 23433-01
TR8748TR8748W01-358-87481R13-15210 10-21 P 570Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-167
TR8749TR8749W01-358-87491R13-15310 10-21 P 486Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-168
TR8752TR8752W01-358-87521R13-13810 10-15 S 518Aluminum- Ridewell 1003588752C
TR8753TR8753W01-358-875310 10-15 S 713Plastic – Watson & Chalin AS-0098 Ridewell 1003588753C
TR8755TR8755W01-358-87551R13-12410 10-15 S 522Steel – Hendrickson 21623 and 22045
TR8774TR8774W01-358-87741R14-17211 10.5F-17 P 745Plastic- Hendrickson S25873
9 10-16 P 449
Triangle 8449, Loadguard SC2757
Volvo 3934699, 20396293, 20413888, 20505399
8079902, 8084296, 8097092, 20505399, 20733034
Mack 57QL54M, 57QL519M, 20910892
TR8830TR8830W01-M58-84681R12-654Plastic – Volvo 21132005
TR8852TR8852W01-358-88521R12-5689 10-19 P 472Plastic- Peterbilt 03-07887
TR8864TR8864W01-358-88649 10-19 P 898Plastic- Peterbilt 03-08716, C811011
TR8944TR8944W01-358-89441R12-3669 10-17.5 P 436Plastic- Hendrickson S20217
TR9010TR9010W01-358-90101R12-4219 10-14 P 345Plastic- Hendrickson 2827 and 11566
TR9026TR9026W01-358-90261R12-5679 10-16 P 393Plastic- Peterbilt 03-06213 and 03-07111
TR9039TR9039W01-358-90391R12-0959 10-10 P 311Plastic- Hendrickson S2064 and S11650
TR9069TR9069W01-358-90691R12-0699 10-14 P 312Plastic- Peterbilt 02456, 04759, 06746 Firestone W01-358-8813
TR9082TR9082W01-358-90821R12-0929 10-16 P 310Plastic- Hendrickson 11651 and 2066
TR9083TR9083W01-358-90831R12-0669 10-16 P 333Hendrickson 1561, Navistar 554763C1, W & C AS-0028
TR9096TR9096W01-358-90961R12-1559 10-16 P 325Plastic- Fruehauf UCE-1304-1
TR9101TR9101W01-358-91011R12-1039 10-19 P 315Plastic- W&C AS-0040 SAF Holland 905-57-009
TR9105TR9105W01-358-91051R12-1329 10-12 P 319Plastic- Hendrickson S1245 Granning 5065
TR9121TR9121W01-358-91211R13-03911 10.5-17 A 317Steel – Holland 90557019, 90557052, 90557078
TR9122TR9122W01-358-91221R14-04511 10.5-21 A 313Plastic – Hendrickson Trailer S3467, S3830
TR9144TR9144W01-358-91441R14-16011 10.5-17 A 377Plastic – SAF Holland 905-57-155 and 905-57-323
TR9158TR9158W01-358-91581R14-03011 10.5-21 A 318Plastic- Hendrickson 12514-004, 12514-011
TR9177TR9177W01-358-91771R14-02811 10.5-17 A 316Plastic- Hendrickson Trailer S2065
TR9192TR9192W01-358-91921R12-1859 10-19 P 326Plastic- Hendrickson 6195, W&C AS-0038, AS-0046
tr9213TR9213W01-358-92131R12-0909 10-16 P 441Plastic- Navistar 1660581C-1, 501559C-2, 501559C-1
TR9219TR9219W01-358-92191R12-1829 10-16 P 408Plastic- SAF Holland 570-09-219 Volvo 35003-3201, 3203
TR9223TR9223W01-358-92231R12-1889 10-16 P 409Plastic – Hendrickson 48195-2, SAF Holland 570-09-223
TR9243TR9243W01-358-92431R12-4809.10.19 P762 WCPlastic- W&C AS-0061 SAF Holland 905-57-112
TR9265TR9265W01-358-92651R12-3759 10-19 P-435Aluminum – Hendrickson 20124 and 20413
TR9270TR9270W01-358-92701R13-1199 10-13.5 S 433Aluminum – Hendrickson 20010 and 25559
TR9287TR9287W01-358-92871R12-4249 10-18.5 P 406Plastic- Hendrickson 50405-1&2
TR9293TR9293W01-358-92931R10-1209 9K-15 P 424Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-120 Granning 8896
TR9295TR9295W01-358-92951R11-1669 9K-15 P 417Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-121
TR9296TR9296W01-358-92961R12-4009 10-16 P 416Plastic- Volvo 8061151 and 8169868
TR9297TR9297W01-358-92971R12-4029 10-18.5 P 520Plastic- Hendrickson 50898 and 64651-2
TR9307TR9307W01-358-93071R12-4359 10-10 P 471Plastic- Holland  Neway 90557129
TR9320TR9320W01-358-93201R12-3639 10-21 P 360SAF Holland 905-57-099, Loadguard SC2774
TR9321TR9321W01-358-93211R12-3359 10-21 A 361Plastic- Watson & Chalin AS-0036
TR9366TR9366W01-358-93661R12-4879 10-12 P 488Plastic- W&C AS-0054, Holland 905-57-160, 905-57-225
TR9367TR9367W01-358-93671R12-2569 10-21 A 505Steel- Hendrickson S14249
TR9370TR9370W01-358-93701R12-5809.10.21 P448 WCPlastic- Watson & Chalin AS-0057
TR9371TR9371W01-358-93711R12-4019 10-17.5 P 521Plastic- Navistar 1670073C-1, 1686386C-1,2027911C-1
TR9373TR9373W01-358-93731R12-4039 10-17.5 P 519Plastic- Hendrickson 57122
TR9375_1TR9375W01-358-93751R12-4049 10-17.5 P 451Plastic- Mack 364SQ27, 57QL414M
TR9394TR9394W01-358-93941R12-2819 10-19 P 321Plastic- Fruehauf UCE-9393-2, Navistar 1681579C1
TR9422TR9422W01-358-94221R11-0289 9-12 P 314Plastic- Kenworth K303-6, K303-14, K303-15
TR9459TR9459W01-358-94591R11-152Plastic- Ridewell 1003589459C Meritor A-2258-U-1451
TR9466TR9466W01-358-94661R12-3659 10-16 P 410Plastic- Hendrickson 49048, MACK 364SQ28
TR9471TR9471W01-358-94711R12-5049 10-17.5 P 502Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-146, 905-57-182
tr9541TR9541W01-358-95419 9-10 P 861Plastic- Kenworth C81-1005
TR9580TR9580W01-358-95801R13-11810 10-21 P 434Steel- Hendrickson 20127
TR9616TR9616W01-358-96161R11-2429 9-12 P 515Plastic- Kenworth K-303-16
TR9617TR9617W01-358-96171R11-2199 9-9 P 860Kenworth K-303-18
TR9622TR9622W01-358-96221R11-2219 9-9 P 537Same as TR9675, Kenworth K-303-22, K-303-28
TR9625TR9625W01-358-96251R11-2229 9-10 P 538Plastic – Kenworth K-303-25 Airglide 1998 and later models
TR9626TR9626W01-358-96269 9-16 P 568Plastic- Hendrickson Trailer S23720
TR9640TR9640W01-358-96401R12-3679 10-12 A 427Plastic- Hendrickson Trailer S20223
TR9644TR9644W01-358-96449 10BP-16 P 569Plastic- Hendrickson Trailer S23721
TR9645TR9645W01-358-96459 10BP-22 P 739Plastic- Hendrickson Trailer S23612
tr9647TR9647W01-358-96479 10-18.5 P 550Hendrickson 58786-2, Mack 57QL417M
TR9648TR9648W01-358-96481R12-5389 10-18.5 P 456Plastic – Navistar 2027911C1&C2
W01 377 8537
1R12-3039 10S-16 P 382Plastic- Freightliner 16-13810-000, 681-320-0017
W01 377 8536
W01 377 8527
1R12-6039 10S-16 A 999Aluminum- Freightliner 681-320-0017, W01-377-8529,
TR9807TR9807W01-358-98079 10-13.5 P 874Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-363, 905-57-372, 508-57-000
TR9875TR9875W01-358-11911R12-432 / 1R12-6899 10B-195P 889Plastic- Navistar 3541731C1, Old Firestone W01-358-9875
TR9913TR9913W01-358-9913, W01-358-9911Front Axle for Volvo & Freightliner 20897204, Hendrickson 60750-2
TR9921TR9921W01-358-99211R12-5029 10-17.5 P 443Plastic- W&C AS-0090 SAF Holland 905-57-117
TR9923TR9923W01-358-99231R12-4819 10-17.5 P 429Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-118
TR9935TR9935W01-358-99351R12-5329 10-17.5 P 548Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-157 and 905-57-301
TR9936TR9936W01-358-99361R12-4999 10-17.5 P 454Plastic- SAF Holland 905-57-156 and 905-57-300
TR9974TR9974W01-358-99749 10-17.5 A 930SAF Holland 905-57-332
TR9978TR9978W01-358-9978Hendrickson C-28929 S-28929
Vantraax 40K

*Manufacturers’ part numbers are for reference/interchange purposes only.


  • Cabin Air Springs
  • Convoluted Air Springs
  • Passenger Vehicle Air Springs
  • Wheel Seals and Bearings
  • Reversible Sleeve Air Springs
  • Air Brake Components
  • Worklights & Lightbars
  • Leveling Kits for Pickup Trucks
  • Air Springs for Mack and Volvo
  • Air Springs for Peterbilt and Kenworth
  • Air Springs for Freightliner
  • Air Springs for International and Navistar
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Body Parts for Freightliner Trucks
  • Body Parts for Volvo Trucks
  • Body Parts for International, Kenworth & Mack